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Vinogourmets welcomes you from Tuesday to Sunday to present a wide range of 4 accessories. Sommelier in catering, notably with Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu, then manager of a cellar in Paris for 12 years, specializing in great wines and rare vintages. He pays great attention to the choice of Corkscrew wines to offer you the best quality at reasonable prices.


Considered worldwide as one of the most revolutionary accessories: its design, its unique presentation combined with its undeniable efficiency make this wine decanter a very original gift for any wine lover.

This wine decanter is very easy to use: Simply hold Magic Decanter over a carafe or glass and pour the wine.

  • Thanks to its exclusive aeration system, the Magic Decanter allows you to decant your wine quickly.
  • The Magic Decanter will make your wine better by giving it more body and releasing all the richness and intensity of its aromas.
  • Magic Decanter Technology allows instant aeration of your wine as you pour it.
  • Practical, easy to use and transportable, it will allow you to decant your wine anywhere and on any occasion thanks to its included carrying case.
  • Made from acrylic, the Magic Decanter is dishwasher safe, won't absorb odors or deteriorate over time.
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Scandinavian Whiskey Stones for a real "on the rocks" whiskey! These stones are carved from soapstone quarried in Sweden at Handöl in Jämtland. The unique ability of the soapstone to store cold and slowly restore it is used here.
This natural stone with surprising qualities, more than 400 million years old, was already used by the Vikings to make kitchen utensils. Thanks to the whiskey stones, you lower the temperature of your favorite drink from 20 ° to 10 ° without dilution of water unlike conventional ice cubes. You will be able to savor your fresh whiskey in its pure state with all its aromas and all its flavors. These stones are cut like ice cubes and just like them, they must be placed in the freezer.
Set of eight Scandinavian natural stones with a bag to place in the freezer.
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Vacuvin champagne waiter stopper

Vacuvin Champagne Server Stopper

Pouring cap for Champagne

The “Champagne Saver” attaches to the neck of the champagne bottle. You operate the lever to open the Champagne Saver or seal the bottle after serving the champagne.

The inner rim of the spout "cuts" the drop which is drained by the outer rim back into the bottle, allowing you to perform a clean service

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Bouquet Wine Air Pressure Corkscrew

The Vin Bouquet air pressure corkscrew is equipped with a hollow needle that allows you to inject air into your bottle in order to exert pressure on the cap and extract it in a few pressure. All you need is some pressure to easily and easily extract the cork from your wine bottle. Do not use with sparkling wines and champagne.
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