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Vinogourmets welcomes you from Tuesday to Sunday to introduce you to a large range of 4 “Anis”.
Philippe Christian, sommelier in catering, notably with Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu, then manager of a cellar in Paris for 12 years, specializing in great wines and rare vintages. He pays great attention to the selection of “Anis” in order to offer you the best quality/price ratio.

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Ouzo tirnavou 40° 70 cl


Ouzo is a deliciously refreshing Greek alcohol. The ouzo is an anise which is generally appreciated on ice, sometimes slightly diluted, as an aperitif of course, but it accompanies perfectly a meal composed of seafood and fish.
Ouzo draws all its complexity from anise and 14 other herbs and spices, such as fennel, cinnamon or nutmeg. The different ingredients are all freshly harvested before distillation to preserve all their flavors.
Ouzo delivered in a beautiful gift tube.

Ouzo Tirnavou has been awarded many times in national and international competitions for more than 100 years.

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pastis henri bardouin 45 ° 70 cl

Producer Distillery and Domains of Provence

GOLD MEDAL PARIS 2008 at the general agricultural competition.

Pastis Henri Bardouin differs from other pastis in its finesse and the richness of its aromas. It is thinner, more aromatic and more elegant. The Pastis Henri Bardouin preserves the palate and allows to fully appreciate dishes and wines tasted thereafter. - Henri Bardouin, is the first to have thought to concoct a more complex pastis. - The aromatic richness of Pastis Henri Bardouin comes from more than 65 plants and spices that give it a unique character. - The Pastis Henri Bardouin is not only rich in taste but also very balanced: one aroma will not prevail over the other. It stimulates the palate without ever anesthetizing it. - Original and tasty, the Pastis Henri Bardouin is the only pastis that allows you to sit down! Advice: The Pastis Henri Bardouin is ideal to accompany a fish-based meal, various vegetable preparations (anchoïade aioli, ...), spicy food, .... Pastis Henri Bardouin is a refreshing aperitif made from alcohol, sugar, star anise essence, plant alcoholic and spices and sagebrush infusion. Harvesting plants: Some plants, such as thyme, rosemary, savory or sage are harvested in the same soil of Forcalquier. The place and the exact date of the harvest vary each year. Some, however, always come from the same place, such as Forcalquier lemongrass verbena. Others, including spices of course, come from more distant countries, such as China for star anise or Syria for liquorice. Maceration: From harvested and dried plants, we extract the aromatic principles by letting them macerate in a hydro alcoholic mixture (water + alcohol). The temperature, the time, the degree of alcohol and the quantity of plants make it possible to obtain the desired taste. The finished infusion is withdrawn. In our press, we separate the liquid part (infusion) of the plant part. Distillation: After maceration, the plants still contain many aromas and essences. It is by distilling them in our old still that we will extract them. The blend: It is by mixing infusions and distillates of plants and spices that we obtain the Pastis Henri Bardouin. So that the qualities of the product remain constant, analyzes and tastings by specialists are essential, they are carried out at all stages of manufacture. The final blend must be perfectly executed and give birth to this symphony of aromas and fragrances that characterizes the "Grand Cru du Pastis". Final control: The last controls then take place: final filtration to make the product shiny and stable (free of all particles), followed by the final tasting. It is the "master liquorist" who directs this final phase. Bottling can now take place. Its color: the color of Henri Bardouin pastis is yellow brown, iridescent with green reflections due to the presence of plants and especially sagebrush. There is no dye. The product is clear and brilliant. Its nose: the first aniseed note then gives way to aromas of plants and more exotic spices, such as cardamom, maniguette, Tonka bean .... His mouth: A frank attack of plants and a more structured evolution due to the presence of mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) and more complex due to the presence of spices, to finish with a good aromatic persistence. Its complexity and finesse make pastis Henri Bardouin a true pastis tasting. The balance between the 65 plants and spices that compose it is perfect. Its intensity is powerful and its elegant aromatic profile. Pastis Henri Bardouin leaves his taster on a complex and spicy aromatic finish. Preservation: There is no expiry date. The pastis becomes slightly browner after opening, without altering its aromatic characteristics. Avoid storing it at a temperature above 25 ° C and below 10 ° C (do not refrigerate) because of the chaffing of anethole.
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Pastis Lomé Distillerie des Deux Eaux

Pastis Lomé Distillerie des Deux Eaux 45° 70 cl

Entirely made in Normandy, the production process is 100% artisanal 
15 selected ingredients, including Tonka Beans, Cocoa and Madagascar pepper etc....
If you are a pastis lover, take the time to experience this Norman beverage.
A balanced and fresh pastis with notes of licorice, mint, clove spices etc....

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old anise sugar-free pontarlier distillery guy 45 ° 100 cl

Producer Distillery Pierre Guy at PONTARLIER

PONTARLIER ANIS comes from the distillation of alcohol, very pure water and noble green anise. Distilled green anise coloring obtained exclusively by plants.

Ingredients: Alcohol, vegetable substances.

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