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Vinogourmets welcomes you from Tuesday to Sunday to introduce you to a wide range of 5 “Other Whiskeys”.
Philippe Christian, sommelier in catering, notably with Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu, then manager of a cellar in Paris for 12 years, specializing in great wines and rare vintages. He pays great attention to the choice of “Other Whiskey” in order to offer you the best price for guaranteed quality.

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kavalan whiskey single malt taiwan 50cl 40 °
Kavalan Single Malt Taiwan Whiskey 50cl 40°

Elegant and mellow, Single Malt is the flagship of the first range of Taiwanese whiskey Kavalan. Coming from the assembly of different types of barrels (ex-Bourbon Casks, Sherry Casks, Wine Casks and Refilled Casks), it seduces thanks to its fresh and greedy aromas of exotic fruits and vanilla. The shape of its bottle is reminiscent of the Taipei tower, the highest time in the world.
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Whiskey aikan intense batch small batch 40° 70cl

AIKAN means "marriage" in Arawak, the language of the first inhabitants of Martinique. AIKAN is a meeting between two continents (Europe and America), two climates (continental and tropical), two worlds of spirits (whiskey and rum.)

After distillation in Scotland and three years of ageing, this whiskey continues to mature in the tropical climate of Martinique. An aging of
1 year in Martinique (using freshly emptied “Grand Arôme” rum barrels)

Whiskeys aged in these temperature and humidity conditions are very rare and recognized for their quality. If the angels are particularly greedy (10% evaporation per year, against 2% in a continental climate), they are also very generous. It is recognized that the concentration of aromas and therefore the maturation is about 4 times faster there.

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Kavalan Single Malt Taiwan Whiskey n°2 70cl 40°

As early as 2006, the island of Taiwan saw its country register on the world map among whiskey producers.

Under the leadership of the King Car group, the first Taiwanese distillery opened its doors in Yi-Lan province, in northeastern Taiwan, and is committed to producing, using the best experts in the industry, a whiskey with an inimitable style.

The fruity, floral, fresh and subtly spicy profile of its single malt, Kavalan owes it to the use of smoked malted barley from Scotland, as well as a particularly short toasting heart cut. Ian Chang, master blender of the distillery, captures in the distillate the purest aromas that make Kavalan a great signature, between richness and elegance.

Located in the northeast of Taiwan and cradled by a microclimate, Yi-Lan province offers a contrasting landscape, between green mountains and fertile plains. Protected by the Snow Moutains which peak at 3886 meters and crossed by the hazy influences of the Pacific, the site of the Kavalan distillery constantly enjoys freshness and ventilation conducive to the aging of the whiskey.

Where its elder shows the richness and gluttony of aging in different types of barrels, Distillery Select n ° 2 focuses on the liveliness and floral side resulting from the distillate and aging in new and ex-bourbon barrels.

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Whiskey Starward Single Malt Left Field Australia 70cl 40°

Australia has become one of the world's whiskey markets to be reckoned with. And the Starward Distillery is the new star of this country! Left-Field which literally means “out of nowhere” is the new single malt from this young and promising distillery located in the heart of Melbourne. Distilled with 100% local raw materials, Left-Field is aged entirely in French oak barrels (fresh barrels and burnt barrels) that have contained red wine from Australia's two main wine regions, the Barossa Valley and the Yarra Valley.
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whiskey mackmyra svensk rok 50cl 46.1 °

Since its creation in 1999, the famous Swedish distillery is distinguished by its many experiments. Barley of Swedish origin for its single malts, water from an underground source fed by the Valboåsen mounts, new Swedish oak barrels from a forest on the island of Visingsö ... With Svensk Rok, Mackmyra has managed to compete with the larger Islay. 

The famous Swedish distillery is releasing a new single malt with smoky juniper flavors and sweet vanilla notes, this Mackmyra showing maturity and strength of character. He explores the nuances of peat and smoke.

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