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Vinogourmets - Les Caves de Diane welcomes you from Tuesday to Sunday to present a wide range of 6 "Gins".
Philippe Christian, sommelier in catering, notably with Bernard Loiseau in Saulieu, then manager of a cellar in Paris for 12 years, specializing in great wines and rare vintages. He pays particular attention to the choice of "Gin" in order to present you the best quality at reasonable prices.

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gin the citadel 70cl 44 °
Gin La Citadelle 70cl 44°

Gin de Poitou Charentes.
Presented in a bottle with a design honoring French traditions, Gin Citadelle is an artisanal gin made from whole wheat, natural spring water and infused with 19 different botanicals. The mixture of these ingredients, generate complex flavors resulting in a subtle bouquet of aromas of juniper and citrus. The Citadelle recipe is based on recipes from the 1775th century, when the first French juniper plant was created in XNUMX under the reign of Louis XVI in the Citadel of Dunkirk. To be enjoyed as a gin & tonic, in cocktails or even on ice.
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Gin silent pool rare citrus 43° 70cl

Silent Pool Distillers in the heart of the Surrey Hills. Attracted by a shared passion for artisanal distillation, a group of friends came together to create a new type of distillery, producing quality artisanal spirits without compromise. In an extraordinary location on the Duke of Northumberland's Albury Estate, a cluster of ramshackle farm buildings on the shores of legendary Silent Pool have been transformed to become the home of Silent Pool Distillers.

Silent Pool rare citrus is the first addition to the Silent Pool family. This innovative and seductive gin uses the complex aromas of some of the rarest citrus fruits found in the world: Buddha's Hand, Seville Green Orange, Natsu Dai Dai and Hirado Buntan. Don't get me wrong, this is not a "flavored" gin. This is a masterfully blended spirit that results in a beautifully aromatic gin with a unique taste. Crisp, zesty notes are balanced with subtly sweet, richly seductive and delicately spiced notes for an unparalleled taste experience.
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Gin san rocco 43° 50cl
Gin San Roccu 43° 50cl


Resulting from a 24-hour maceration of Corsican aromatic plants grown in organic farming, Gin San Rocco, the first product of the Bloom Soul distillery, is distilled in a Stupfler still. An artisanal product, Gin San Roccu exudes subtle aromas of juniper, clementine, myrtle and nepita. 

Perched on the foothills of the Monte Grosso massif in a corner of the Reginu valley, Feliceto is surrounded by peaks. Water is at home here. The abundance of springs is fortunate. The “blissful” village will take its name from it.

Every year, on August 16, the procession and mass of San Rocco takes place. On occasion a grand ball is given there. This festival historically took place on the old fairground next to the chapel, at a place called San Rocco.

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Fentimans Premium Tonic Water is made using a complex brewing process involving both the infusion of plant-derived sugars and natural fermentation. 
Kaffir lime and juniper leaves, lemongrass extract and, of course, quinine are some of the ingredients that give it a unique and distinctive flavor. Very fresh and refreshing, Fentimans Premium Tonic Water also seduces thanks to its dominant citrus fruit.

To be consumed plain or in a cocktail.

Ingredients: carbonated water, sugar, glucose syrup, fructose (sugar fruit), citric acid, natural flavors, quinine, herbal infusion (juniper berries, combava leaf), fermented plant extracts (juniper berries, combava, lemongrass)
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Gin Engine Fuel The Dream box 2 glasses 42° 50CL

Gin Engine Fuel The Dream box 2 glasses 42° 50CL
100% ORGANIC gin

The brainchild of fashion and spirits entrepreneur Paolo dalla Mora, ENGINE celebrates an imaginary world of fuel cans, motocross races and high-speed stories.
A true tribute to the great automobile legends of the 1980s

A 100% Italian and 100% ORGANIC recipe  Handcrafted by master distillers from the Alta Langa region,
Piedmont sage
Lemons from Sicily
Calabrian liquorice roots
damask rose
Spring water from the Alps
Essential oils
Tuscan Juniper Berries and Wheat Alcohol

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Gin Mistello Le Vadrouilleur 43° 70cl

Distilled in Provence
Sage, verbena, thyme, wormwood and lavender.

This distillery was born in Haute Provence in the village of Sault east of Carpentras.

A Gin from France, distilled in the land of lavender fields in Sault in Haute Provence. The happy combination of local agriculture and distillation know-how.

It is based on locally sourced botanicals, with an emphasis on beautiful organic lavender. It is a distilled gin focused on floral notes; on the palate, develops complex aromas of citrus and warm spices. 

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