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Legal information of www.vinogourmets.fr

1 - Company Details
This site is published by:

The Caves of Diane
SIRET 504677808000017
RCS CHARTRES B 504 677 808
NAF 4725Z
Share capital 250 000 €
FR12504677808 VAT

1 Alley of BRIGAULT
28260 ANET
Phone: 02 37 62 22 28
Email: contact@vinogourmets.fr

2 - Design and Hosting
Director of the publication: SARL Vinogourmets.
This site is realized and is hosted by www.abc-idea.com.

3 - Our Services
Sale of wines, spirits and delicatessens.

4 - Information Relating to Users
In accordance with the law of 6 January 1978, all users have a right of access, rectification and deletion of information about him. We would like to inform you of the confidentiality in which we engage, of all the information that you communicate to us. This website is a partner with other websites, for the purpose of exchanging links. This selection is made according to quality criteria. We disclaim any liability for any moral, physical damage they may incur. All rights reserved and exclusive property to the French company "SARL Vinogourmets" of all content (pages, images, photos, scripts, texts, ...) of the website www.vinogourmets.fr.
Vinogourmets Vinogourmets
SARL VINOGOURMETS - THE CAVES OF DIANE - SIRET 504677808000017 - RCS CHARTRES B 504 677 808 - Share capital 250 000 €
1 BRIGAULT BRIDGE - 28260 ANET - Phone: 02 37 62 22 28 - Email: contact@vinogourmets.fr
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Legal information of www.vinogourmets.fr
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